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Higher Risk Patients May Not Benefit from COVID 19 Vaccine

covid Aug 17, 2020

    In the race against COVID 19, we have learned a few things.  One of those nuggets of wisdom is that certain groups are at higher risk for COVID 19 infection.  Those individuals considered obese by Body Mass Index criteria are especially at risk.  Normally in such situations, public health urges those at highest risk to get a vaccine before others.  There is a downside however with COVID 19.  Studies are suggesting that COVID 19 vaccines may not work as well in these higher risk obese patients.

            So what makes COVID-19 different than other viral vaccines?  Actually, nothing.  We have a history of other studies which show that viral vaccines often don’t work as well in obese vaccine recipients.  Therefore, a decreased efficacy of a COVID 19 vaccine is not that surprising.

            Researchers are still searching for explanations for this disappointment, but suspect that the chronic inflammation in obese patients somehow interferes with immune function.  

As we move forward with our Immune Prepper Course One, we will hope for better options than a vaccine that does not work in our higher risk populations.  We will also hope for public health attention to the obesity epidemic putting so many millions at risk. 

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