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Prep Your Immune System

Don't be caught off guard during the next pandemic!

My Course Starts on 8/20/2020


12 Weekly Immune Training Sessions

Dr. Potter provides 12 sessions you can watch at your convenience prior to live sessions.

11 Live Zoom Sessions

Dr. Potter and Leslie P.A. host Q&A live sessions where trainees can ask questions and dialogue.

Online Support Community

Continued access to community for 9 months after course completion.

""I was educated on health and wellness by Dr. Potter and know how my body works. I know how to boost my immune system. I know to purify my water. I know what vitamins I need for my body and I know to only eat real God made food that was grown on this earth not processed by man...Thank you Dr. Potter for all you taught me. Spread the word on how to be practically bulletproof, and eat food as medicine. Thank you for healing me. Now I can share my experiences to help and end suffering.""

Megan S.
Patient, mother, and frontline worker in memory care unit

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Classes start 8/20/2020!

First Live Session 8/27/2020


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